Where the Only Lunch at the Top is the One in Your Backpack

This part of Switzerland is home to the highest mountains in the Alps. The climb up to the myriad of mountain huts and towering peaks throughout the Alps is frequently both long and arduous. Climbers have to bring their own snack to eat once they have reached the summit.

This snack, or “Brotzeit”, traditionally consists of a large piece of “Speck” (bacon), a slice of cheese, some “Schwarzbrot” (dark rye bread) and a salted radish, all washed down with a bottle of beer. Many mountain huts still expect visitors to bring their provisions with them. To that end, the traditional “Kraxe” – a type of rucksack with a wooden frame – is still in use today. The oldest archaeological discovery of a “Kraxe” dates from the Neolithic period, more than 5,000 years ago.

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