Understanding Junior College Tuition in Singapore

Junior college, also known as a Pre-university center, is an education system meant to lay a foundation of academic and nonacademic skills in students who want to seamlessly join university institutions. Junior colleges in Singapore offer two-year courses. At the end of the JC courses, students sit for A-level or International Baccalaureate Diploma examinations.

So, do you need tuition for Junior college in Singapore? What is the cost of JC tuition in Singapore? We’ve compiled this guide to answer these questions and help you understand JC tuition better.




Let’s handle one basic topic first

How do you join Junior college in Singapore?

There Are 3 ways to join Junior college tuition in Singapore: Joint Admission Exercise (JAE), Direct School Admission (DSA) and Integrated Program (IP).

  • Joint Admission Exercise: This admission program is specifically used for Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level holders to join post-secondary institutes, including Junior College. The admission is made based on a JAE cut-off point.
  • Direct School Admission: DSA is a standardized admission program based on talents. There’s no cut-off point for this admission program, but one must have an L1R5 score below 20 points.
  • Integrated Program: IP allows students to join Junior College directly on performing well in the Primary School Leaving Examination.

Why do junior college students need tuition?

Here are 4 reasons why most JC students in Singapore prefer to have tuition:

  • Fixed schedules- JC is meant to challenge students as a way to prepare them for University education. Due to this, the learning environment may be highly demanding for a self-guided student to handle. A-level examinations are also known to be the most difficult examinations in the world. JC tuition offsets this pressure/workload as there’s always someone to lead the way.
  • Catering for holidays-Holiday/home tuition gives students the much-needed motivation to always be productive in JC. You’ll always be updated with what’s required of you, meaning that you’ll be in a better position of excelling in your A-Level examinations. A good A-Level tuition agency should have a package to offer tuition at the convenience of your home.
  • In-depth understanding of Academic topics- Academic excellence is key in Junior college and there’s no better way to be successful in this than to apply for JC tuition. A good JC teaching team clearly understands the requirements of A-Level examinations and will focus on making you understand the crucial topics.
  • Better interpretation of complicated topics- There’re specific topics that may be unclear for a student and need assistance by a JC teaching professional. When you’re in a tuition program, you’ll get the right guidance to understand and excel in such topics.



Other benefits of Tuition for JC in Singapore

Improves confidence when tackling the examinations

Caters for shy students not comfortable participating in class

Prepares students early enough for the job market

Tuition rates for JC in Singapore

In general, JC tutoring fees in Singapore will be somewhere from $20-$130 per hour. The fees mainly depend on the qualification and experience of the tutor. Ex or current teachers tend to charge higher rates since they are highly qualified and experienced.

The form of tutoring: part-time or full-time tutor also affects the rate. Here you need to evaluate your budget and requirements to settle for a reasonable rate.



As seen from the tone of this guide, JC and the examinations of the two-year courses are not a walk in the park, a reason why tuition is still highly paramount. No matter the admission program you used to join Junior College, you’ll still need tuition to hone your academic skills and increase your chances to join a good university.

With JC tuition, you’ll attain your A-levels effortlessly and join not only local universities but also recognized International ones.

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