Top 3 nice Italian restaurants in Singapore

One of the most popular dishes in Italian restaurants is pasta. They can be prepared in numerous ways that make it easier for everyone to enjoy the kind of meal. That’s the main reason why there are many pasta restaurants in Singapore. You may have traveled to Singapore having some pasta cravings, you can visit any of the below pasta restaurants:

1. Fratini La Trattoria

It’s among the nice Italian restaurants that boost of using fresh Italian ingredients. This pasta restaurant Singapore has its menu changing from time to time. Next time you visit Singapore, ensure you pass through this restaurant and have a great pasta dish. Their best dish is the Truffled Pappardelle Creamy Pasta. You can also get other kinds of pasta, and their menu is available online, where you can regularly check to see the ingredients at hand before making an order.

2. Osteria Mozza

It’s among the top restaurants within the Asian continent where they provide great dishes. Their menu has a wide range of dishes that can pair well with pastas such as mushrooms, walnuts, asparagus, etc.

3. The Lighthouse Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

It’s located at the top of the Fullerton Hotel. It has an excellent panoramic view of great places like the Singapore River, the Marina Bay Sands, and the Singapore Flyer. It’s a nice place to have a date. This restaurant has a variety of outstanding products on its menu, such as the Homemade Tagliolini that has gained a lot of popularity recently. It has a good flavor, including the lemon flavor that gives freshness every time you take it. Apart from these, the restaurant is also known for its desserts although they’re not part of pastas.

These are some top pasta restaurants in Singapore. Others include Buona Terra, La Braceria, Pietro Ristorante Italiano, and La Strada.

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