Tips to buy the best work shoes for Neuroma

In the market, you will find a variety of shoes for people suffering from Neuroma at large. Every kind of shoes at the same time has its benefits. For Neuroma patients, making a selection of the right type isn’t such an easy task as such, a lot of factors should be considered for this. Herein are seven factors to help you get the best work shoes for Neuroma;

Proper fit

You should consider the type of shoes that will fit you right. Avoid too tight pairs as they can cause pressure. Too loose pairs are also not the right ones since they hamper a person’s walking style. Most people with this problem are fond of having feet of different sizes; however, the difference is marginal. If the difference appears to be large and you have your feet in the mid of different mid sizes, consider a customised option.

Orthotic insole

This is helpful to relieve foot pressure and thus lowering pain experienced by the patient. The insole also ensures the toe is kept straightened all through. The orthotic insole has been designed with the padding and cushioning property to offer the maximum toe protection.

Cushioning sole

Shoes designed with an outward cushioning sole offer the foot relief by reducing pain that can be experienced and also assist an individual in walking comfortably. With this type of shoe, the foot will be kept both straight and also minimises stress.

Air pockets

The foot needs extra cushioning when walking. This can be met by wearing shoes with air pockets at large. Air pockets also reduce the force applied when a patient walks around. This is a preferable point when selecting the kind of shoe to wear.


Wearing a comfortable pair is an essential part of this case. Comfortability should always be the top factor to consider when choosing the foot to wear. Choose shoes that you’ll place the foot comfortably inside with minimum space for movement of the foot.

The zero-drop shoes

Heeled pairs are fond of causing pressure on the ball of the foot and the toes at large. There are higher chances of increased severity of the condition to persons wearing high heel shoes for an extended period. For this reason, considering flat or zero drop shoes can be a great thing. They manage pain and burn sensation experienced by the feet.

Proper arch support pair

Get a pair of shoes with proper passing inside as this ensures the arch of the foot is supported correctly. When walking, the arch of the foot will collapse and thus leads you to experience increased pain. So, you need a pair with maximum arch support to help during walking.


These are some of the essential points you should put first when selecting the best work shoes for Morton’s Neuroma. Other factors in the list are adjustable fitting, padding, the wide toe boxed pairs, and many more. Have a look at the points to make the best market selection.

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