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Many people in Singapore are interested in eating traditional Peranankan cuisine food and other items. This food was earlier popular in the Katong area of Singapore, now it is increasingly rare to find the food prepared this way. However those who enjoy eating traditional Peranankan food can eat high quality cakes, souffles, muah chee and other delicacies at the joo chiat cake shop of Sinpopo, a local brand. The business owners were earlier involved in Awfully chocolates, and they have tried to preserve the local Katong cooking style in their cake shop.


The cake shop offers six different varieties of cakes with different ingredient, design and preparation style. All the cakes are handmade. One of the advantage of ordering online is that the company is specifying the ingredients which are used in each of the cakes, which is useful for those who have allergies and require gluten free cake or have religious restrictions and cannot cakes with egg, pork and lard. For each cake listed online, Sinpopo specifies whether the cake contains gluten, egg, dairy products, soy, nuts, alcohol, pork and lard. The buyer can mention the message with the cake at the time of placing the order


Most types of cakes are available in two sizes, six inch and eight inch diameter. The smaller six inch diameter cake is usually sufficient to feed six to eight people at a time and will weigh approximately 750 grams and is usually more, though the weight will vary depending on the cake type. The larger cake of diameter, eight inches will usually be adequate for twelve to sixteen people,and the weight of the cake will be approximately 1200 grams or more. The buyer can also specify whether small or large candles have to supplied with the cake, and the number of candles while placing the order online.


The Gula Melaka cake is the most popular Sinpopo cake online. It is a fudge layered cake, moist, fluffy, with morsels. It is also comparatively inexpensive with the cake size of six inches priced at $48. The Cat Mountain King Durian is another popular cake which is gluten free and contains durian. The cake uses black rice flour. Since the 6″ cake is weighing 900 g, which is more than other cakes, it is slightly more expensive costing $58. Pulut Hitam, Ondeh Ondeh and Pandan Kaya are other varieties of Sinpopo hand crafted cakes which are priced at $48 each for the smaller size of cake.


The Dar Dar Mille Crepe is the most expensive cake priced at $88, and is only available in 8 inch size. The recipe for the cake is based on Kueh Dadar, and the cake includes grated coconut, Gula Melaka, gula creme and crepe sheets of Pandan. While customers can pick up the cake at the Sinpopo outlet on Joo Chiat road, they can also have the cake delivered to any address in Singapore specified at an additional cost. The standard delivery fees are $15, if the cake has to be delivered in a particular time slot, the delivery charges are $30, and for special delivery, a $50 fee is charged.

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