Part time cleaning service in Singapore

There are many advantages of living in a clean and well maintained home. The house will be a pleasant place to live in, the home owner can call people home without feeling ashamed that the house is not well maintained. Also it is safer to live in a properly cleaned house since the bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes are removed. If there are small children in the house, there will be no items scattered, which the children may put in their mouth. While everyone likes a clean and well maintained home, many people living in Singapore do not have the time and energy to clean the home, due to their extremely busy schedule.


One of the more convenient way for busy people to keep their home clean is by hiring a reputed part time cleaning service Singapore like Singapore House Cleaning ( The cleaning business understands that there are many people who are extremely busy so they cannot keep their home perfectly clean. The time taken for cleaning a home will depend on a number of factors, like the profile of the family, age of the family members. Usually more cleaning is required if there are small children in the house and less cleaning will be necessary if there are only adults who are away from the house most of the day.


So to keep the house clean, busy family should hire honest and reliable professional cleaners on a part time basis. The cleaning service will charge the family based on the number of times the house has to be cleaned weekly and also the amount of time, the cleaner is spending cleaning on each visit to the house. So if less cleaning of the home is required, the part time cleaner may be required only once a week for cleaning for a few hours. For messier homes, or homes with small children, more cleaning may be necessary. The charges will be higher if the cleaning service is required on weekends.


While the family hiring the cleaning service is free to define the cleaning tasks, some cleaning work like cleaning the floor by vacuuming and mopping is included. Other work includes dusting the furniture periodically, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. The bedrooms, living room will also be cleaned, and dust bins emptied. Other cleaning tasks which may be done once a month or quarterly depending on the amount of dirt, are cleaning the windows, window sills and fans. The refrigerator, microwave and other appliances will also be cleaned regularly. The bed-sheets and pillows will also be changed periodically.


One of the main advantages of using a professional house cleaning service like is that they carry out a background check for all their staff who they send for cleaning work to ensure that they are honest and reliable. While it is advisable for a family member to be present to supervise the cleaning work to prevent misunderstanding, the cleaning service will compensate their customer for any loss of up to $100 while cleaning. This includes losses due to damage to appliances or home decor items. In case of greater losses, the customer can file a police complaint. All trainers can speak English and are well trained.

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