New Condos in Singapore: The 4 Most Affordable Options

Singapore has been a top destination for ex-pats and locals alike. It’s a newly industrialized country with a high standard of living and excellent infrastructure. In recent years, the government has been making an effort to ensure that Singapore remains a sustainable city by encouraging its people to live in condos rather than in standalone houses. This means that there are plenty of Singapore new condo updates being built all over the city for people to choose from. Here are 4 affordable options you can find in Singapore today!

City Gate Condominiums

City Gate Condominiums is one of the more affordable options you can get in Singapore. The condos are close to City Hall MRT station, and they have a nice view of the city. The building also has a beautiful pool deck for residents to enjoy, which makes life a lot easier for families with children. The condos themselves are spacious and well-designed. They have a full kitchen and plenty of room for living, making them an excellent choice for young professionals who want to live close to the business district.

One of the best things about City Gate is that they’re quite affordable compared to other Singapore new condo. A studio apartment starts at $100,000; however, if you’re looking for something larger like a 2-bedroom apartment at $200,000 or higher (depending on how many floors), they offer discounted prices when you buy in bulk.

Riviera Residences

Riviera Residences offer a spacious condo with an average of 672 sqft. The units are modern and come with floor plans that are flexible for different needs. The units also come with high ceilings, at least two bedrooms, and a balcony.

Centrium Condos

Centrium is a brand new condo designed by the renowned architect Kevin Roche. In the heart of the Central Business District, this building has been attracting plenty of interest from ex-pats and locals alike. Centrium is currently in the pre-construction stages but will be one of the most affordable condos available in Singapore.

The Key Condos.

  1. City Square

City Square is a condo that offers studio, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedroom suites. It’s one of the most affordable options in Singapore because it has all three types of suites available. The studio can go for as low as $3300, but the two bedrooms are also an option with prices starting at $7700.

  1. One The Palm

On The Palm is one of the newest buildings in Singapore and has just been put on sale. On The Palm provides studios at $4200 per year, 1 bedroom at $7000, and 2 bedrooms at $14000 per year.

  1. Marina Bay Residences

Marina Bay Residences offer studios starting at $4300, 1 bedroom starting at $8100, and 2 bedrooms starting at $15300 per year. There are plenty of other condos to choose from but these are some of the most affordable options you can find in Singapore today.

The 4 most affordable options for condos in Singapore are City Gate Condominiums, Riviera Residences, Centrium Condos, and The Key Condos. Depending on your needs and budget, one of these condos could be the best match for your needs.

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