Nakhon Kitchen In Bedok, Singapore

Experience Thailand’s Authentic Food


Come to experience a true taste of Thailand at Nakhon Kitchen in Bedok! The chefs use nothing less than the freshest and healthiest ingredients from Thailand to create beautiful and appetizing dishes for many all over the world to enjoy. The team at Nakhon Kitchen truly serve their hungry customers palate-pleasing cuisine at inexpensive prices you can afford. Nakhon Kitchen Bedok is a town small, nestled quietly in the heavenly country of Singapore. 


Successful Expansion Of Business


Nakhon Kitchen Bedok first opened in Kovan in 2008, quickly gaining popularity from many as they served affordable and fresh Thai food. Since its grand opening, the restaurant has expanded to now include five other great locations. The first in Bedok, Pasir Panjang, Marine Parade, Holland Village, and also the Ang Mo Kio area.


A Soup To Remember


So, your hungry and you want some great Thai food. What do you order first at Nakhon Kitchen you may ask? Well, a good but yet light item to begin with when visiting the restaurant would be soup. From their delicious Seafood Tom Yam Soup that brings hints of lemongrass and chilies to their amazing Tom Ka soup that includes chunks of fresh chicken, you’re in for a satisfying time of souping in this elegant restaurant. Nakhon Kitchen’s authentic soups are very aromatic but still balance each one of their unique levels of Thai flavors. The price cannot be beaten and you will find a profound amount of fresh prawns, delicious squid, and fish in the soup. For the main course, try out Nakhon Kitchen’s delectable Stir-Fried Clams with Sweet Basil Leaves or even their powerful Deep-Fried Prawns With Tamarind Sauce for a flavor-packed bite of pure goodness. Ready for dessert? Don’t pass up the ever-pleasing Sweet Tapioca served with authentic coconut milk or their fresh Mango sticky rice served with fresh coconut milk. There is something here for everyone to enjoy and a great restaurant atmosphere to enjoy it in. Nakhon Kitchen is truly a Thai restaurant you won’t want to miss out on when visiting the gorgeous town of Bedok in Singapore. 


How Was Nakon Kitchen Founded?


Initially, the beautiful restaurant of Nakhon Kitchen was established on the belief of creating authentic and tasty Thai cuisine. Some of the inspirations for their great food items come from the heavenly flavors of Thailand’s Issan cuisine as well as Bangkok’s authentic street food goodness. Here at Nakhon Kitchen, the welcoming and friendly staff truly believe that each and every menu item should be carefully prepared and made the classic way, simply by bringing together many of the exotic flavors of sour, sweet, savory, and spicy to you for an amazing meal. Throughout the years, many customers have truly come to respect and appreciate the high-quality and creative dishes which is reminiscent of gorgeous Thailand. Nakhon Kitchen is loved by customers from both far and near alike, from local neighborhood families to outside visitors coming into Singapore who want to experience true Thai cuisine. Come visit Nakhon Kitchen today and experience an authentic plate of beautiful Thailand as you have never experienced it before.

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