Circles Life Vs Giga SIM Only Comparison Singapore

This Circles Life vs Giga SIM plans the only comparison Singapore guide is for those who are currently looking for a SIM only plan. This will help you to decide between two of the major players in the industry.



In this Circles Life vs Giga SIM only comparison of Singapore, we’ll first look at the network of each telco. To provide customers with data coverage, Circles Life uses M1’s 4G network as an MNVO or Mobile Virtual Network Operator. The biggest advantage of this network is that it allows you to get reception even if you’re underground while riding the MRT. Giga, on the other hand, uses Starhub’s network. A study has shown that Circles Life and Giga offer a similar experience to consumers in terms of network coverage. So it all boils down to individual experience and even personal preference.


The low-tier 1 plan of both Circles Life and Giga will give you less than 10GB of data and they will both cost you 10 SGD per month. But Giga’s does seem to provide more value because it gives an extra GB of data and it also provides more talk time and SMS.

The mid-tier plans of both telcos will cost you between 18 to 20 SGD per month. Again, Giga is the better choice here even if you have to spend an additional 2 SGD per month. The Giga plan gives you 20 GB more of data and more talk time and SMS. But you may also want to check out Circles Life promo where you can get unlimited data calls and minutes and 25 SMS for the first three months. It will cost you an additional 10 SGD more if you want to get a new number with Circles Life.

Both telcos also have plans for heavy users. But Circles Life probably offers the best value with its 100 GB plan. And it will cost you 7 SGD less than Giga’s similar plan. However, you’ll be getting less talk time and SMS with Circles Life.


Rollover data

Another reason why you may be inclined to choose Giga over Circles Life is that the former has a rollover data feature. This means that if you have unused data for this month, it will be rolled over to the next month. The rollover is capped up to 300GB and is only applicable for 2 renewal cycles. This is perfect for those whose data usage changes every month.

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