Asia’s Most Fashion Forward Trends of 2020

Asian fashion has been at the forefront of global trends for decades, and 2020 will be no different. From fashionable youths to celebrities and entertainers, there is no shortage of people and places to get inspiration from this year. Last decade saw muted tones, chunky shoes, and athletic wear take over as the most dominant fashion trends. This decade is coming in bolder and brighter. Not afraid to embrace colors or funky accessories. Here are some of the hottest new fashion trends in Asia in 2020.

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Oversized Puffer Jackets
From the streets to the runways, this trend has been all over and will continue its reign in 2020. There are so many fun ways to incorporate this look. Play with proportions by pairing a short jacket with a long boot. Or add some color to your wardrobe by rocking a puffer with a bright printed pattern. Not only is this trend stylish but it is practical as these jackets will keep you warm during the coldest months. Many Asian celebrities pair these jackets with black skinny jeans and minimal accessories. Since an oversized puffer jacket is such an eye-catching item, don’t overdo it by over-accessorizing.

Instantly give your look a more edgy vibe by adding leather pieces into your rotation. Leather jackets, pants, or bags are timeless pieces that are trendy now and will continue to be for years to come. Many Asian fashionistas have been seen wearing leather harnesses on top of blouses and tees in a cyberpunk inspired outfit. All-black outfits with leather staple pieces are also a hit this year. If those sound a little too punk for your taste, try adding a mini leather crossbody bag to your outfit to add a little bit of edge.

This trend was everywhere on the runway during fashion week, from the models to the celebrities in the front row. We are moving away from the more basic tones that were popular last decade. Bright greens, yellows, pinks, and orange shades are taking over. Don’t be nervous about commanding all sorts of attention with this bright and colorful trend. You can start small with a neon backpack or sunglasses. Or for those that like to be bold, try an 80’s inspired neon blazer paired with a mini skirt.

Designer Logos
Showing off designer logos was hugely popular last decade and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Oversized crewnecks with large logos seem to be the most popular way to show off this trend. But it can also be done with handbags or belts as well. Be careful not to mix too many different logos together as this can make any outfit look mismatched. Less is more with this trend.

Overall, fashion trends in Asia are looking bright and fun for 2020. In no time these trends are going to be seen all across the world as fashion-forward individuals will want to look like their favorite Asian celebrities. Remember that confidence is the best accessory when pulling off any trend!

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