4 Things a Boss Orders His Secretary

A cheap company secretary Singapore always answers to someone. The boss will make the secretary do a lot of things and some of them are not as good as you think. Thus, not a lot of people would want to be a secretary in Singapore. It is not easy to be one and you may be frustrated at the fact that each company as a secretary. There are times when they are called admin assistants but it is pretty much the same. Here are some things a boss would tell his secretary to do:


Get Coffee

It is normal for a boss to want coffee in the morning and he will most likely tell his cheap company secretary to make one for him. It is not actually a hard thing to do but when you are a boss, you will need to show everyone how much power you have.


Organize Documents

There are a lot of documents that you will need to organize like employees’ CVs and company registration. There will come a time when you will need these things so you must know where to look so that you won’t get frustrated when you don’t know where to find them. One awesome idea would be to label the documents so you would always know where the important ones are. There could be a misc folder for the papers that you don’t know where you will put.


Order an Employee

The boss will ask the secretary to be the middle person in asking people about certain stuff. The boss could do that himself but he would be hitting two birds in one stone by doing this. Besides, the secretary would be able to see the employee in a matter of time. Thus, a lot of time will be saved if the secretary would be the one talking to the employees. It does not mean the boss does not want to talk to that certain employee though. It just means he is busy with a ton of other stuff and you can’t really blame him for doing that.


Make a Daily Report

There is a huge chance the boss was not around the entire day. Thus, he would want a recap of what happened during that day. That is a lot faster than asking everyone about what happened to that person. You may be delaying that person’s excitement for the day. It won’t be long before he would want to exit the office so he can go to his non-work stuff. When that happens, he would not want to talk to you about his day anymore.


Now that we know what a cheap company secretary Singapore does each day, it would be easy to find people who would enjoy doing these tasks. They are not that hard and it will only take a few days before you get used to them. Also, you would not be pressed to find more things to do during the times that you end up getting pretty bored.

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