ZOTT'S TRUE ALPS, 97 Amoy St., 069917 Singapore
Tel.: +65 62 23 09 13

Mon – Fri: 11.30am – 3pm
Mon – Sat: 6pm till late
Closed on Sunday


In the mood for an exquisite meal in an elegant setting? Looking for a great location to unwind after work? Then ZOTT'S is the place to go! We offer:

• Delicious European cuisine
• Handpicked European wines
• Exclusive private dining area
• Beautiful rooftop terrace

  • ZOTT'S Swordfish Carpaccio

  • ZOTT'S Hokkaido scallop crab ravioli

  • ZOTT'S Restaurant

  • ZOTT'S TRUE ALPS Restaurant

    ZOTT'S Restaurant

  • ZOTT'S Wiener Schnitzel

  • ZOTT'S Bondage Chicken

  • ZOTT'S Octopus

    ZOTT'S Octopus